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            The VegasVisitor is a licensed, "information and telecommunication" business.   In addition the VegasVisitor is a  member of the Las Vegas News Bureau and the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. .  Our Mission is to provide information to Tourists and Conventioneers that is not typically available elsewhere.

            The will serve as a hub for all the CityVisitor websites. Las Vegas being one of the most accessed locations on the internet will allow the VegasVisitor to act like the anchor store in a mall to the other websites. 

            Our  Business Plan is simple.  We are seeking Associates who  are willing to invest their time in a company that is designed  to create excitement in your City,  through your City Visitor Magazine Website,  part time or full time.  A City Visitor revenue producing website targeting Visitors to Your City. You set ad rates and sell the ads keeping 90% of the revenue. We provide all the necessary material for you to start selling ads immediately. We promote and maintain the website.

            Using the Vegas Visitor Magazine platform as the model for other City Visitor Websites, our growth oriented business plan will expand the concept to other vacation destination cities throughout the world.  We know that tourists and conventioneers  travel to multiple cities. The Visitor Magazine concept will link cites together with a similar Visitor website concept making it easy for the tourist or conventioneer to visit your City website.

            You will be able to derive income from varied revenue advertising sources  (Hotel Ads, Restaurant Ads, Articles, Links to local Businesses, Affiliate Ad Revenue), to name a few.  We maintain the website, keeping your Ads and your information updates current.  You become part of the World Visitor Network a series of connected, linked together  cities being promoted by the World Visitor Network.

          You will not be alone,  your site will be linked to all the other city sites in the World Visitor Network of Cities.

            Become,  "Part of the Action, instead of the Action."
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