"The Marriage Capital of the World"

Chapel Of The Flowers, lAS VEGAS
Chapel Of The Flowers, Wedding Chapel

               Las Vegas has hotel wedding chapels. Lots and lots of beautiful, romantic wedding chapels in Vegas hotels. In general, Vegas has hundreds of stand-alone wedding chapels and even drive-through wedding chapels...
               Then there are the world-class, next-level hotel matrimony's like a Bellagio wedding in front of the famous fountains or a Caesars Palace wedding fit for an emperor.
               Las Vegas "Marriage Capital of the World," and we don't play around. You know that fairy tale ceremony you've dreamed about since you were in the 7th Grade?

               Our Las Vegas wedding chapels on the Strip can make that happen. And even better, there are packages to fit any ceremony from the most lavish of nuptials to the spur of the moment elopement in Vegas. Imagine it: you're at a hotel chapel, you can have your wedding -- and your honeymoon -- without having to ever leave the property.